Playing at the Library

Our county library is so awesome! They have a whole room for children's books.  In a small section they have a kitchen play-set that boys love. We come here at least once a week.

 Barely do we read books. We just mostly pretend to eat and cook.

 One thing that we do for real here is make messes. Too bad those aren't pretend.

 Lil Jed always hogs the toy sweet foods, like the cupcakes and cakes. He would not let Robbie even come near them.  So Robbie was content vacuuming instead.
 But as soon as little girls came to play, Jeddie was adamant that they share the cupcakes with him.  He offered the cupcakes to them multiple times.  They refused the first four times.  He was heartbroken that they refused his gift! He walked around with a sullen expression until he got the courage to go offer again.  But finally they accepted the cupcakes and he was ecstatic.  After that, he offered everything he could to them. The cupcakes, the cake, the tea-cups, and even Robbie on occasion. It made me smile to see him be so kind to these little girls.  The girls were probably age 5 to 7. I was glad they were being good sports with him.  

We love getting out and having fun. It makes it so much better when they cooperate with us, though. These boys were so happy today and very well-behaved. Robbie was a stinker on occasion, but what more can you ask from a cutie-patootie 16 month old?

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