toaster troubles

Before I tell you about our toaster troubles, I just had to share this cute set of pics of Jeddie.  I just made my bed for the morning and was straightening up the living room. I heard him walk into our room with his tractor and then I heard "YAY!!!!!"  He sounded soooo excited and so I thought: "oh he just found another tractor toy in our room somewhere." But no! I walk in there and he's exactly like this:  he was sooo excited to be able to climb into our bed under the neatly made covers. It warmed my heart and made me laugh so I ran and grabbed my camera:

I love this kid.

You always see pictures of baby feet, but what about toddler toes? They are still just as adorable.

alright... here is the toaster troubles.  Hamilton Beach toaster (pictured left) we call him Hammy. He just doesn't get the picture. He went out a week ago, but keeps tryin' to come back and still be our toaster. I've told Hammy many times, that when you're done- you're done.  I walk in and sometimes his light comes on for just a few more minutes saying: "come one, just one more piece of toast."  But we decided it was definitely time to pull the plug.
Hammy has been replaced with BAD... stands for Black and Decker (pictured right)  BAD already is looking very promising. I mean, look at that smile!!
We are sad Hammy had to go. He was our first appliance to 
break since we've been married. 

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