Lindsey got MARRIED!!!!!!!

Last weekend I went to Nauvoo, IL to see my best friend Lindsey get married to her husband Thomas Trotter. They are such a beautiful couple. They were sealed forever in the Nauvoo Temple. 

I'm so glad I got to be there!! It was hard to be away from my boys, but my hubby and mom took great care of them! 
I took some pictures for Lindsey:



Raising a two year old is hard! But hubby knows how to help me stay sane lol



They love the swing!!
Jeddie went to go play something else, but Robbie wanted to stay.


Head first down the slide!

Love watching these boys have fun. I hope that we can cherish these moments forever.

Trike Time!

Robbie on the trike
He's joy ridin, for sure!

Jeddie on the trike
Jeddie loves the trike too, thanks Grandma Sharon! He also likes to have his headphones on, they filter down a lot of noises that confuse or frustrate him.  They've been so helpful for him for the grocery store. We're looking for more comfortable and discreet ones, but for now these work. We're pushing for sensory integration therapy so that he can be in semi-noisy environments without having to wear them. His sensory processing disorder is confusing to me. He's only bothered by certain noises, and every day is different. One day a rushing noise won't bother him as much as another... sometimes it even changes within one afternoon.  His diet greatly effects how sensitive he is.  But even if we've followed it to the T, he still struggles sometimes. :(  I think he must have gotten a drink of Robbie's milk yesterday, because this afternoon his stools were awful and he had about a 3 hour hyper-spree shortly after.  Not only is he allergic to milk (hence the very loose stools) but milk contains casein, a protein that his body can't quite break down.  Long story short...it ends up resulting in negative behavior.  It's crazy how food can effect a child.  We sure do love him and are here to help through this in his life. We pray that he'll only get better. 



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a horsie morning

I'm jealous they can ride a horsie and I can't lol!


Bare with me okay...  I've been craving artichokes this pregnancy.  I have to have some every other day. So Tuesday I decided to put artichokes in my spaghetti sauce.  Along with beef, mushrooms, olives, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. Hahahhaha. I know it looks unappealing in the picture.  Love my spaghetti.

Here is a belly shot at 23 weeks 4 days.  This week I've been fat, dum, and happy.  Fat because I'm reaching the uncomfortable stage of belly growth. Dum because this little girl is stealing all my brain power (I can't remember anything). And happy because we're HAVING A BABY!!  It's so exciting! Especially since we're having a girl, which we've never had before. Everyday I get more and more excited!  We're getting close to nailing down a name. YAY!


Piano Babes

The boys on Sunday were having fun on my mom's old piano. That thing is so out of tune it makes whale's ears hurt.  The wooden soundboard is so dry the pegs slip and won't hold the strings at the right tension, so it sounds... awesome. hahaha.

The boys love playing on it.  It's cute seeing them grow up together.

This afternoon I followed Robbie running into the bathroom. He was so excited to take a bath! I thought to myself watching him try to run (he resembles a penguin carrying a sack of potatoes) that he'll be so big one day, a kid, a teenager, a young man, and an adult.  I'm excited to see what life brings all of our children, but also sad to see them change. I wish I could hold them as newborns again.  That fresh new baby smell, with their fuzzy hair and sleepy faces.  Or maybe see their frustration when their a couple of months older, trying so hard to crawl. Now they are walking, running, playing in dirt, learning how to communicate, and falling in love with tractors, trains, and trucks. They make my heart smile.

I read this awesome quote on Mothers Day, and wanted to share it with you.
“In a poignant exchange with God, Adam states that he will call the woman Eve. And why does he call her Eve? ‘Because she is the mother of all living.’… Eve was given the identity of ‘the mother of all living’ years, decades, perhaps centuries before she ever bore a child. It would appear that her motherhood preceded her maternity…
I believe ‘mother’ is one of those very carefully chosen words, one of those rich words- with meaning after meaning. I believe with all my heart that it is first and foremost a statement about our nature, not a head count of our children.”
~ Patricia Holland


a girl?

I walked into Walmart, and passed the girl section without even giving it a second look- then I remember... "wait, I'm having a girl! She's gonna need clothes- I can't put her in tractor outfits"  (well I could, but that just don't float my boat)

So I took a picture to remind myself, I can actually look at this stuff now. Not that I have the time.  Lil Jed's like a ticking time bomb in Walmart, if he hasn't already exploded by the time we drive into the parking lot.  But I bet there are tons of cute layettes, dresses, and ruffle bum onesies just waiting for her.  :)  This will be fun.

She's agreeing with me.  Wish you could feel her kick!  Or maybe that's just the chocolate. She always gets really active when I eat chocolate or fruit, any type of sugar really. It's partly funny, partly curious.  

I love the name Adele, but hubby dislikes the name entirely. Who wants to take on the role of convincing him that it's a beautiful name for our baby girl? I tried and failed.  Ha.


This is one of the products I grabbed at Melaleuca this month. Yummy. It's gone. Do you like chocolate?  This helps me remember to keep my sanity each night.  By the time the kids get in bed, I'm wiped out!

Because of lil Jed's sensory issues, the boys haven't been sleeping in the same room. lil Jed has a hard time always staying asleep at night, so we've been putting Robbie in the living room at night time. We only have 2 bedrooms. But Robbie grew up and put a monkey wrench in our plan: He now climbs out of the play-pen he sleeps in, so he can't really be in the living room by himself at night, because when he wakes up in the morning- he just gets into things and wanders.  So now Robbie HAS to be in the kids room with lil Jed.  So tonight is the first night of them being in their room together to fall asleep.  At the same time.  Of course they are playing. I hear Robbie playing with toys and Jeddie assembling, pulling apart, and reassembling his tractor. At least they aren't wrestling!!

How long do you think it will take them to fall asleep???  I'm guessing at least another 30 minutes (they've been at it for an hour)
Maybe we should let one fall asleep before the other?

Too many questions, I'm going to go eat more chocolate.


Robbie Baby

Found these two gems the other day. They are too cute not to share! Robbie's been the baby in the family for only a year and a half!  Now there is going to be another baby to scootch him on over.  He's gonna be an awesome big brother (it might take him a little while)
Momma and Robbie
He is definitely a momma's boy, so I can't imagine how he'll react when he sees mom holding a tiny "daAAaa!" (Robbie's word for baby)   Robbie is awesome. He's got so much attitude, I will say that many times. I'm sure there are plenty of you out there that don't believe me. But one day I'll catch it on video! And you'll be thinking: "Man! She was right!"

His fiery attitude took me by surprise.  For 10 months he was a docile baby. A complete angel.  No diva-ness about him. 

Look at him,  would you suspect this mellow 4-month old set of cheeks to pack a punch?
"I'm saving it alllllllll for later, you just watch"
Love him love him LOVE HIM!  I can't look at that picture without laughing.. ........


He is so perfect. :)

I love lil Jed so much, he is such a sweet and fun loving little guy.  Anyone that knows him will tell you that. He is so smart too. I know that he is going to be a bright kid in school one day.  He loves puzzles, his shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.

He's been on a gluten-free diet for a while now and that has helped him so much cope with things that are overwhelming for him.  But I'm struggling with how to help him further, I feel like there is only so much that I know how to do- this is all so new to me.  This week was a hard one. He was sick on Monday and his behavior hasn't quite recovered from then.  He struggles with normal things and has been so sensitive this week. It hasn't taken much to make him cry and meltdown.  It's sad and breaks my heart. I hate seeing him have such a hard time!  Even on his hardest days, he will still show me his smile.  He is so perfect. :)


We found out the gender!!

Here's the news:
We're 21 weeks along and just found out It's a Girl! Just 19 more weeks to go!
I can't believe it!!  I thought it was a girl, but you can never know for sure!  But, now we do know for sure!  She's very healthy and everything looks perfect.  Including her little face during the ultrasound, she's so cute!
It was funny: the boys were with me during the ultrasound and as soon as the ultrasound tech said: "Well, it looks like you got your girl," Robbie started crying!!  I think he was crying for some other reason, but it was sure cute timing.
After having two boys, we sure are happy to have a sweet little girl. It will be so good for her to have two awesome big brothers like lil' Jed and Robbie.

So now we are thinking of baby girl names.  I really have no favorites yet, but I bet in a month or two I'm sure we will have something in mind.  I'm going to start making baby girl clothes and bows with my mom and some friends, lot's to gather before SHE comes!! (teehee)

Lil Jed is sick so we're trying to get him to feel better so he can celebrate with us!  He's doing better today, so hopefully by this evening he'll be back to himself.

Robbie's doing great! He's trying to say more words, and he loves his speech therapist. 

Jed got a job at Wal-Mart! He's going to be a Manager-in-Training. Right now he is working at a local store as a supervisor until the trainee position starts. We are so grateful and feel blessed that he has a job.  This job has definite potential for him to grow upwards in the company, which is exactly what he wants. 

I'm at home with the boys and work designing blogs as much as I can (which isn't as much as I'd like, but it's better than nothing!)  We got a new van to fit our family. Since hubby works 20 miles away, I can't take him to work anymore but I still need a car. This van can definitely fit our new addition in September.    I'm gaining a lot of weight quickly with this pregnancy, (I'm only half way to my due date and I've passed the recommended weight gain for a full-term pregnancy. ) So that's kind of a bummer.  So hopefully I can find some time to exercise more and eat healthier.  hahha. I think everyone needs to do that, right?