Bare with me okay...  I've been craving artichokes this pregnancy.  I have to have some every other day. So Tuesday I decided to put artichokes in my spaghetti sauce.  Along with beef, mushrooms, olives, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. Hahahhaha. I know it looks unappealing in the picture.  Love my spaghetti.

Here is a belly shot at 23 weeks 4 days.  This week I've been fat, dum, and happy.  Fat because I'm reaching the uncomfortable stage of belly growth. Dum because this little girl is stealing all my brain power (I can't remember anything). And happy because we're HAVING A BABY!!  It's so exciting! Especially since we're having a girl, which we've never had before. Everyday I get more and more excited!  We're getting close to nailing down a name. YAY!

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