This is one of the products I grabbed at Melaleuca this month. Yummy. It's gone. Do you like chocolate?  This helps me remember to keep my sanity each night.  By the time the kids get in bed, I'm wiped out!

Because of lil Jed's sensory issues, the boys haven't been sleeping in the same room. lil Jed has a hard time always staying asleep at night, so we've been putting Robbie in the living room at night time. We only have 2 bedrooms. But Robbie grew up and put a monkey wrench in our plan: He now climbs out of the play-pen he sleeps in, so he can't really be in the living room by himself at night, because when he wakes up in the morning- he just gets into things and wanders.  So now Robbie HAS to be in the kids room with lil Jed.  So tonight is the first night of them being in their room together to fall asleep.  At the same time.  Of course they are playing. I hear Robbie playing with toys and Jeddie assembling, pulling apart, and reassembling his tractor. At least they aren't wrestling!!

How long do you think it will take them to fall asleep???  I'm guessing at least another 30 minutes (they've been at it for an hour)
Maybe we should let one fall asleep before the other?

Too many questions, I'm going to go eat more chocolate.


Tyler and Kelly said...

We put C down first and put K down a half hour after. We tell K that he needs to be quiet when he goes in. He usually does. We read books on our bed before he goes in. Just a thought!

Janae' said...

Oh girl. I remember these days (& Nights) so well with two of my boys. Nobody understands the life of a mother of a child with a Sensory Disorder until they have lived through it. I only wish the world could see them through our eyes too!