a girl?

I walked into Walmart, and passed the girl section without even giving it a second look- then I remember... "wait, I'm having a girl! She's gonna need clothes- I can't put her in tractor outfits"  (well I could, but that just don't float my boat)

So I took a picture to remind myself, I can actually look at this stuff now. Not that I have the time.  Lil Jed's like a ticking time bomb in Walmart, if he hasn't already exploded by the time we drive into the parking lot.  But I bet there are tons of cute layettes, dresses, and ruffle bum onesies just waiting for her.  :)  This will be fun.

She's agreeing with me.  Wish you could feel her kick!  Or maybe that's just the chocolate. She always gets really active when I eat chocolate or fruit, any type of sugar really. It's partly funny, partly curious.  

I love the name Adele, but hubby dislikes the name entirely. Who wants to take on the role of convincing him that it's a beautiful name for our baby girl? I tried and failed.  Ha.

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Tyler and Kelly said...

Ty's aunt is adele and i love it!