Robbie Baby

Found these two gems the other day. They are too cute not to share! Robbie's been the baby in the family for only a year and a half!  Now there is going to be another baby to scootch him on over.  He's gonna be an awesome big brother (it might take him a little while)
Momma and Robbie
He is definitely a momma's boy, so I can't imagine how he'll react when he sees mom holding a tiny "daAAaa!" (Robbie's word for baby)   Robbie is awesome. He's got so much attitude, I will say that many times. I'm sure there are plenty of you out there that don't believe me. But one day I'll catch it on video! And you'll be thinking: "Man! She was right!"

His fiery attitude took me by surprise.  For 10 months he was a docile baby. A complete angel.  No diva-ness about him. 

Look at him,  would you suspect this mellow 4-month old set of cheeks to pack a punch?
"I'm saving it alllllllll for later, you just watch"
Love him love him LOVE HIM!  I can't look at that picture without laughing.. ........

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Mary said...

I love Robbie pictures! He is so cute! And really like that first one- you are so pretty!