Trike Time!

Robbie on the trike
He's joy ridin, for sure!

Jeddie on the trike
Jeddie loves the trike too, thanks Grandma Sharon! He also likes to have his headphones on, they filter down a lot of noises that confuse or frustrate him.  They've been so helpful for him for the grocery store. We're looking for more comfortable and discreet ones, but for now these work. We're pushing for sensory integration therapy so that he can be in semi-noisy environments without having to wear them. His sensory processing disorder is confusing to me. He's only bothered by certain noises, and every day is different. One day a rushing noise won't bother him as much as another... sometimes it even changes within one afternoon.  His diet greatly effects how sensitive he is.  But even if we've followed it to the T, he still struggles sometimes. :(  I think he must have gotten a drink of Robbie's milk yesterday, because this afternoon his stools were awful and he had about a 3 hour hyper-spree shortly after.  Not only is he allergic to milk (hence the very loose stools) but milk contains casein, a protein that his body can't quite break down.  Long story short...it ends up resulting in negative behavior.  It's crazy how food can effect a child.  We sure do love him and are here to help through this in his life. We pray that he'll only get better. 

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