We found out the gender!!

Here's the news:
We're 21 weeks along and just found out It's a Girl! Just 19 more weeks to go!
I can't believe it!!  I thought it was a girl, but you can never know for sure!  But, now we do know for sure!  She's very healthy and everything looks perfect.  Including her little face during the ultrasound, she's so cute!
It was funny: the boys were with me during the ultrasound and as soon as the ultrasound tech said: "Well, it looks like you got your girl," Robbie started crying!!  I think he was crying for some other reason, but it was sure cute timing.
After having two boys, we sure are happy to have a sweet little girl. It will be so good for her to have two awesome big brothers like lil' Jed and Robbie.

So now we are thinking of baby girl names.  I really have no favorites yet, but I bet in a month or two I'm sure we will have something in mind.  I'm going to start making baby girl clothes and bows with my mom and some friends, lot's to gather before SHE comes!! (teehee)

Lil Jed is sick so we're trying to get him to feel better so he can celebrate with us!  He's doing better today, so hopefully by this evening he'll be back to himself.

Robbie's doing great! He's trying to say more words, and he loves his speech therapist. 

Jed got a job at Wal-Mart! He's going to be a Manager-in-Training. Right now he is working at a local store as a supervisor until the trainee position starts. We are so grateful and feel blessed that he has a job.  This job has definite potential for him to grow upwards in the company, which is exactly what he wants. 

I'm at home with the boys and work designing blogs as much as I can (which isn't as much as I'd like, but it's better than nothing!)  We got a new van to fit our family. Since hubby works 20 miles away, I can't take him to work anymore but I still need a car. This van can definitely fit our new addition in September.    I'm gaining a lot of weight quickly with this pregnancy, (I'm only half way to my due date and I've passed the recommended weight gain for a full-term pregnancy. ) So that's kind of a bummer.  So hopefully I can find some time to exercise more and eat healthier.  hahha. I think everyone needs to do that, right?

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