a fun collection of our past week

I'll start with tonight:  

we had a family baby shower for Amber and Shane who are welcoming Addison Grace to their family in a few short months.  They are so cute and are excited for the little girl their getting soon!!

My mom made a diaper/ tote bag for them and we stuffed it full of goodies.  Diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers- you know- the works. teehee My mom is talented!

My grandmother put together this cute tablescape with cupcakes, flower arrangement, and a beautiful yummy pitcher of strawberry lemonade.  Good thing they are having a girl because that is a lot of delicious pink I see!

then last night:

My friend Lindsey came over to visit and was the best story-teller of the night. She is so sweet with our boys. I'm really lucky to have her as a friend. :)

and then the night before!:

Movie night with the hubsters. Need I say more?

very good movie! Highly recommend it! {a lot less "dark" than the first one}

we all know you can't watch Robert Downey Jr. and NOT eat chocolate icecream at the same time!! yum.

And then a few days before that...: 

{i think i'm running out of days in one week} 
We played outside for a LONG time because it wasn't so hot as it normally is!
Robbie drawing with chalk, and Jeddie mowing rocks with his tractor

He found Robbie's chalk and thought it was so funny it was on his finger!

He loves watching videos on the ipod touch. mommy uses this tool of distraction to get the dishes done!

and last weekend!:

My mom found a few pairs of cute little shoes for Harper girl.  Last weekend marked the beginning of my THIRD trimester. That means I'm almost done. Just 2 1/2 months left. Feels weird to tell people that.  I'm actually convinced I'll be pregnant forever. Not gonna lie.

28 weeks and waddling like a penguin

I'm pretty sure I've got this sucker memorized by now
So there you have it!  A fun collection of our past week. I'll save the whiney collection and long-winded collection for later. LOL

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