Funny Conversations and Baby Dreams

Hubby always knows how to crack me up.{his conversation is in white, mine in green}
He always turns off the air conditioning, and I burn-up for no good reason.  And no, it's not because I have awesome good looks. It's because I'm preggo, probably?

Speaking of good looks: I keep having dreams of our baby girl. Some of them sweet, some humorous.  I think this last one I had was funny.  I dreamed she was born and being adored by visitors at home.  All the visitors from my hometown and family kept remarking about her lips.  How big they were, how cute they were.  Then a visitor from California (hubby's state) came {don't remember who...}  the first thing that came out of their lips were:  "YUP!!! She's GOT the MELE LIPS!!!"  I looked over at Jed's father-in-law laughing saying:  "Wonder who she got those from!?"

I can't wait to meet her.  She is still anonymous. No name.  But we do have a running list:
First name:
Lauraly (not sure on spelling...)

Middle name:
Grace  (not likely to change)

OR! Since I like all the names, we could do what my physics teacher did in High School. He named his son six names!!  Samuel Ivan Robert Kay Octavian Trawick. 

or maybe not.

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