Preggo Post

My recent Nauvoo trip was the first mommy-daughter trip.  I was just 24 weeks along.  She did great! haha.  Most of the time she just hung out while I took pictures of Lindsey and Thomas.  (It was so hot!! I'm surprised everyone lasted as long as they did) My friend Alli snatched this picture. I'm so grateful she did, too! My little girl looks good on me- haha! She's going to look even better when she's officially here.

Saturday: alli at 16ish weeks, madeline at 25 weeks
Here's a pic of me and Alli. We have been best friends since 3rd grade.  She's preggo with her first lil baby. I think she is 16ish weeks along? Don't know what she's having yet, but I'm guessing it's a boy!!  It's so fun having a preggo buddy. 

Right now I'm 26 weeks. At the end of next week I'm in my 3rd trimester. BLAH! This is going fast! Just 14 more weeks till the due date! Robbie came 3 weeks early... so she might surprise us! I actually want her to come as close to her due date as possible.  So I told Jed to keep me home as long as possible and not give in to contractions so soon like I have done before. With Robbie I had had 3 days of contractions on and off before heading to the hospital, but turns out it was more from dehydration than anything else. So when they gave me an IV at the hospital, contractions almost stopped completely.  So I got Pitocin- which made it next to impossible to deliver without an epidural. Pitocin makes it feel like there is an axe on top of the stomach. no good.  So this time I'm going to be smart:  Drink a LOt of water and make sure I'm in true labor, not just dehydrated.

anyways, blah blah blah yadda yadda.

Oh! and one more thing: Sunday morning Robbie sat right on top of my belly. If you have ever picked up Robbie, you would know he's a thick chunk of 28lbs.  Right on top of my belly.  He didn't just gently sit, he dropped like a sack of potatoes. He was aiming for my lap like he always does, but missed LOL.  Well evidently baby sister didn't like that too well because she went silent for a while. She moved about 15% as much as she normally does.  It took her a day and a half to come back to normal movement patterns. Her heart beat was strong the whole time, so she was and is okay- but it's still scary! My uterus was cramping and twitching like crazy and needless to say I was uncomfortable for a few days. But we're back to normal now!  Doctor gave her a clean bill of health. :)  Before the incident I was carrying her high, now she's dropped lower but I can feel her slowly moving her way back up.  Poor thing, she's not even here yet and Robbie has already plopped on her. He's just making sure she knows who is boss.  ;D

It was really sweet, right after it happened I was on the ground hurt and lil Jed came up to me and kept saying "Okay? Okay? Happy! Happy!" he meant: "are you okay? be happy!"  That sweet patootie. I'm so blessed to have such great boys!

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