While they are napping...

While the boys are napping I just wanted to write down a few things before I forget.


Today lil Jed had a occupation therapy re-evaluation.  After learning that his first evaluation was done incorrectly and that there were errors on the scoring, we pushed to have him re-evaluated. I'm so glad we did too.  He qualifies for occupational therapy each week and will start as soon as possible.  He is very smart and his cognitive development is right on track. However, his fine motor skills are lacking because of his sensory processing struggles.   And I'm so glad that someone else has recognized it and is willing to refer him for therapy.  Therapy will help him with bilateral coordination too. He is very much "left side stays on left, and right side stays on right" and has a hard time combining or switching the two.

Overall, I'm very relieved.

All toddlers are hard, but I feel like lil Jeddie requires an extra push of patience. I can't just hand him crayons for coloring. I can't always get him to just lay down for a diaper change or put any shirt on him. Most things are a big deal and requires previously planning {or really quick thinking!} It's. hard. But it's good for me.  Helps me realize that Robbie (who is 1 year younger) isn't really stressful at all and I can easily handle his cute little attitude.  I love them both so much and I'm so grateful that these wonderful boys were born into our family. I'm grateful that the Lord has blessed me with enough awareness to realize that Jeddie does need extra help.  I can tell that he tries so hard to be good. He really does.

She now has a name.

And after such a handful of having two little boys, can you imagine we're having another baby!   If I thought having a boy was tough, I'm sure I'll be pleasantly surprised at the dynamics of raising a girl. Ha. ha. If she is anything like I was- she'll be a roller coaster of emotions, happy one minute- stomping her feet the next.  And a persistent little booger too.  {wait a second, I think I'm still like that} And guess what, we came up with a name!  She now has a name. It's unique, runs in the family, and... I can't reveal it quite yet. I do so like surprises.

I feel like I've typed so much but I mean every word.  Blogging is a good output for me.  Helps me channel my thoughts and straighten out all the lines of words running around in my head. I hope you've learned a little from it.

Where did all the pictures go?

YAK! My photography bug is starting to bite me.  I need to take pictures of the boys with my Nikon and post pictures! You need to see how lil Robbie's toes are getting longer,  Jeddie's eyes are deeper brown, my belly is bigger, and hubby's head is getting balder.  Hhahhahahha. funny story about that- I'll save it for another time.

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