Moments like that

There are some moments like this I never want to forget:
I go to check on Robbie during nap and he is zonked out. I go to check on Jeddie and his eyes are barely open, and I whisper "hey..." and he whispers back with his little voice. "hey..." Melts my heart.



Little Jed was so brave yesterday. He had an upper endoscopy done to check for celiac. We are pretty sure he has gluten intolerance, doctors just needed to know for sure it isn't celiac disease. He was a trooper the whole time. Even waking up after the procedure (they had to out him to sleep for an hour or so) he was as happy as could be. He loved his nurse because she kept giving him apple juice. He would look at her and bat his eyelashes and say "more apple juice please."
We get the full results from the procedure early August. A lot of his tissue samples went to the lab. We are hopeful and positive! We are excited to know for sure what he can and can not eat and move forward with his diet accordingly.

The procedure was done at the children's hospital nearby. We had never been there before and weren't sure what to expect. Everyone there was very sweet and kind to Jeddie. It is always nerve wracking putting your child in the care of strangers but they took great care of him. I even saw how the nurses treated and took care of other peoples children while the parents weren't there and everyone was still as kind and affectionate to the children as they were in front of the parents. What a relief!

There were a lot of children that seemed really agitated coming out of the anesthesia. There was one little girl that as soon as she woke up she immediately started pitching a fit and tried to get off the bed. She looked to be about 4? I'm sure all children react differently to the anesthesia, especially depending on what type of surgery they just went through. Poor things. Im glad that lil Jed wasn't upset when he woke up. That would have broken my heart.
He had only complained that his tummy hurts a few times since yesterday, but other than that (and a sore throat) he is okay and happy. Many blessings all around!!


Ode to Dessert, {and Perfectionate!}

Oh Dessert, oh dessert... why do you allude me?  I always crave you're sweetest taste- why do you forsake me?  I take one bite, and feel as if I've DIED.  I'm not allowed to eat you! And if I do, I regret it and suffer the consequences for your sake!  Turmoil. 

I had brownies and a cookie last night and it was way too much sugar. I don't know why I did that to myself.   When will I be able to enjoy baked goodies again? When!?  Harper, you're in big trouble young lady! Let me eat cake!!

Until then, I'll just have to gobble up my sweet lil munchkins:
We played with Perfectionate props the other day. My sister Heidi owns Perfectionate and makes so many adorable things!  You should check it out on Etsy here. 


bear cave

I love photography.  It's a hobby/skill that I'm always trying to improve!  Yesterday morning I drove up to Petit Jean State Park for an engagement shoot. The bear cave trail was one of our locations. I just loved how the light slipped through the cave and illuminates the rocks. It's always gorgeous.


this week:

Robbie is adorable. His cheeks are so chubby, that they got stuck in the vacuum cleaner hose. It was funny! Needless to say he won't be going near that thing any time soon. He was never a binky baby until we started giving it to him recently to keep him from chewing on things (power chords, dirt, rocks even) I'd much rather him have the binky!  Oh, and he always has the cutest bedhead when he wakes up from nap.  It's awesome.

I'm going to try and make these for Harper: (baby hat and bloomers)
Here's my baby blessing dress that Harper is going to where when she gets blessed. My mom found it and has been cleaning it up for her. (So sweet!) I can't wait!

The kids were bored so we rolled them up in the same quilt. Jed didn't mind it, and Robbie... not so much. I think that they are best friends already.  If one wakes up and the other is still sleeping, they go looking for the other calling out their name.  It's cute! I have to remind lil Jed: "Shhh, Robbie is still sleeping."  He looks at me solemnly and droops his shoulders, kicks his feet and says: "Okayyyyyyyy"
I went to check on lil Jed last night before I crawled into bed (I always have a habit of checking on the boys before I fall asleep) and I pulled the covers on him and leaned down to kiss him. He was still sleeping, but I kissed his forehead and whispered "I love you" and he whispered back "too..." It was so sweet. I didn't know that he was awake enough to hear me. Maybe he is like his dad: no matter how tired he is, he always says "I love you too" back to me... even if it's in the middle of the night. Our boys are such sweetie pies, we are so grateful to have them. Here's a sweet video by the Apostle Jeffrey R Holland about motherhood that I love so much:


32 week Silhouette

This evening I saw the sun fade down and decided to do a few self-portrait silhouettes of baby Harper at 32 weeks.{Well almost, we'll be 32 weeks tomorrow}

I put the pictures in a video slideshow. The humming is the melody of Harper's lullaby. All my children have their own special lullaby I hum to them- and this is Harpers.  (no, the recording isn't perfect, but it's good enough...)

1st verse of lullaby: 
I am no where near perfect. 
I try to be perfect for you. 
But you, you're everything you should be. 
Because you are everything to me.

We haven't met her yet, but we know we'll love her forever.


playing in the rain

It finally rained the other day and the boys just HAD to be out there. Jeddie couldn't get enough of it. Completely opposite of him in February! They are too adorable.


photobooth fun

Little Jed's facial expressions are awesome. He's had them since he was realllly little. You're probably thinking "yeah yeah, all moms say that about their babies." Well here's a pic to prove it:
Jeddie's very first smile. I was lucky enough to catch it on camera. He was only 2 weeks old.
 His first smile wasn't just a lip quiver, it was a full faced expression of joy. As if he was going to start laughing or something! He's not two weeks old anymore... heck! He's even older than just 2 years. He'll be 3 years old in October. Whoever decided that babies show grow up should be fired. Wow, I really hope I don't get struck down by lightning for typing that LOL.  

Here are some  pictures taken with the PhotoBooth app the other day of me an lil Jed. He calls it "peechurs?" He comes up with these faces on his own... I just copy him:

Love you little man!



My grandmother brought these beautiful orchids over the other day, no doubt to help cheer me up! She always thinks of things that hardly anyone else does. I didn't even realize that I was missing color and beauty in my life.  These are now sitting proudly on my kitchen counter, bathing in morning sunlight.

It's funny how sometimes you don't realize you're missing something, until it shows up on your doorstep.

a sweet tooth

week 26, 28, 29, and 30
I've been taking almost weekly tummy shots via Instagram. It's interesting to see how much Harper grows. It might be hard to tell, but I can see her gradually growing. Can you? The farthest right is now- 30 weeks.  Just 10 more to go!  

Yesterday and especially today are the first days that I feel back to myself again. My vision is a little slow this morning, but other than that, I feel great!

The incident happened on last Wednesday, and I was getting better until Sunday where I had a slight relapse. I just couldn't shake my foggy brain and my speech was very slow, short-term memory was shot, my fingers were curling, and I ended up in the ER again. Of course the doctors said I was fine and probably just stressed. Last time I checked, stress doesn't do that to people. 
But nonetheless, I've been taking it easy and trying to eat as healthy as I can so that I avoid any more "episodes".  They usually happen within an hour of me eating sugar/starchy foods.  Darn glucola drink! It was so sugarfied that it fried my brain and now I can't eat anything that is sugary. Which STINKS because I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth in the history of dentistry. Ever. I really mean it. EVERRRR.
But like I said, yesterday and especially today are the first days that I feel back to myself again.  I've had so much love, help, and support from family and friends. I know that I'm truly taken care of. 

Especially by this man, the hubby: 
I can not tell you how loved I have felt by Jed this past week. We have always had a strong love for each other, but through this experience I have felt it increase so much more. It's hard to describe really, something that can just be felt I think. He has been with me every second that I needed him, not just in presence, but in attention and support, too. Through every attack he holds my hand if I want him to, he looks into my eyes, and he smiles and tells me: you're going to get through this. 

I love you, Jed. Thank you.

Now come on brain! Get better! I want to eat cake again!!

Conversations at Breakfast

Hi, my name is Robbie. I love to wake up with my big brother. We rise and shine at no later than 6:30am! That way, we're sure not to miss breakfast!! This morning I had rice cereal and fruit. It was YUMMY! I am 18 months old! I've been alive, for like- ever.

HEY! I'm Jed. Robbie and I had cereal for breakfast this morning. Mom kept trying to get me to say "Cheese" for the camera, but I kept saying "Mom, no cheese." -She didn't get the hint!!  I'm going to play in the water today- Daddy is home today and is going to play with me in the back yard with the water hose. I love Daddy!  Mom keeps telling me there is a "baby Harper in her belly." Whatever that means! I just see a belly button!!