Little Jed was so brave yesterday. He had an upper endoscopy done to check for celiac. We are pretty sure he has gluten intolerance, doctors just needed to know for sure it isn't celiac disease. He was a trooper the whole time. Even waking up after the procedure (they had to out him to sleep for an hour or so) he was as happy as could be. He loved his nurse because she kept giving him apple juice. He would look at her and bat his eyelashes and say "more apple juice please."
We get the full results from the procedure early August. A lot of his tissue samples went to the lab. We are hopeful and positive! We are excited to know for sure what he can and can not eat and move forward with his diet accordingly.

The procedure was done at the children's hospital nearby. We had never been there before and weren't sure what to expect. Everyone there was very sweet and kind to Jeddie. It is always nerve wracking putting your child in the care of strangers but they took great care of him. I even saw how the nurses treated and took care of other peoples children while the parents weren't there and everyone was still as kind and affectionate to the children as they were in front of the parents. What a relief!

There were a lot of children that seemed really agitated coming out of the anesthesia. There was one little girl that as soon as she woke up she immediately started pitching a fit and tried to get off the bed. She looked to be about 4? I'm sure all children react differently to the anesthesia, especially depending on what type of surgery they just went through. Poor things. Im glad that lil Jed wasn't upset when he woke up. That would have broken my heart.
He had only complained that his tummy hurts a few times since yesterday, but other than that (and a sore throat) he is okay and happy. Many blessings all around!!

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heidi said...

He is such a brave little one! Hope everything gets back to normal soon! Love you!