Conversations at Breakfast

Hi, my name is Robbie. I love to wake up with my big brother. We rise and shine at no later than 6:30am! That way, we're sure not to miss breakfast!! This morning I had rice cereal and fruit. It was YUMMY! I am 18 months old! I've been alive, for like- ever.

HEY! I'm Jed. Robbie and I had cereal for breakfast this morning. Mom kept trying to get me to say "Cheese" for the camera, but I kept saying "Mom, no cheese." -She didn't get the hint!!  I'm going to play in the water today- Daddy is home today and is going to play with me in the back yard with the water hose. I love Daddy!  Mom keeps telling me there is a "baby Harper in her belly." Whatever that means! I just see a belly button!!

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Mary said...

hahaha! Oh I love when you talk about those boys!