Ode to Dessert, {and Perfectionate!}

Oh Dessert, oh dessert... why do you allude me?  I always crave you're sweetest taste- why do you forsake me?  I take one bite, and feel as if I've DIED.  I'm not allowed to eat you! And if I do, I regret it and suffer the consequences for your sake!  Turmoil. 

I had brownies and a cookie last night and it was way too much sugar. I don't know why I did that to myself.   When will I be able to enjoy baked goodies again? When!?  Harper, you're in big trouble young lady! Let me eat cake!!

Until then, I'll just have to gobble up my sweet lil munchkins:
We played with Perfectionate props the other day. My sister Heidi owns Perfectionate and makes so many adorable things!  You should check it out on Etsy here. 

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