photobooth fun

Little Jed's facial expressions are awesome. He's had them since he was realllly little. You're probably thinking "yeah yeah, all moms say that about their babies." Well here's a pic to prove it:
Jeddie's very first smile. I was lucky enough to catch it on camera. He was only 2 weeks old.
 His first smile wasn't just a lip quiver, it was a full faced expression of joy. As if he was going to start laughing or something! He's not two weeks old anymore... heck! He's even older than just 2 years. He'll be 3 years old in October. Whoever decided that babies show grow up should be fired. Wow, I really hope I don't get struck down by lightning for typing that LOL.  

Here are some  pictures taken with the PhotoBooth app the other day of me an lil Jed. He calls it "peechurs?" He comes up with these faces on his own... I just copy him:

Love you little man!

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Tyler and Kelly said...

I have always LOVED that picture of little baby Jed!