this week:

Robbie is adorable. His cheeks are so chubby, that they got stuck in the vacuum cleaner hose. It was funny! Needless to say he won't be going near that thing any time soon. He was never a binky baby until we started giving it to him recently to keep him from chewing on things (power chords, dirt, rocks even) I'd much rather him have the binky!  Oh, and he always has the cutest bedhead when he wakes up from nap.  It's awesome.

I'm going to try and make these for Harper: (baby hat and bloomers)
Here's my baby blessing dress that Harper is going to where when she gets blessed. My mom found it and has been cleaning it up for her. (So sweet!) I can't wait!

The kids were bored so we rolled them up in the same quilt. Jed didn't mind it, and Robbie... not so much. I think that they are best friends already.  If one wakes up and the other is still sleeping, they go looking for the other calling out their name.  It's cute! I have to remind lil Jed: "Shhh, Robbie is still sleeping."  He looks at me solemnly and droops his shoulders, kicks his feet and says: "Okayyyyyyyy"
I went to check on lil Jed last night before I crawled into bed (I always have a habit of checking on the boys before I fall asleep) and I pulled the covers on him and leaned down to kiss him. He was still sleeping, but I kissed his forehead and whispered "I love you" and he whispered back "too..." It was so sweet. I didn't know that he was awake enough to hear me. Maybe he is like his dad: no matter how tired he is, he always says "I love you too" back to me... even if it's in the middle of the night. Our boys are such sweetie pies, we are so grateful to have them. Here's a sweet video by the Apostle Jeffrey R Holland about motherhood that I love so much:

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