I'm in love...

Ahhh melt my heart!!!!


naps, tantrums, and Harper


Apparently nap time is overrated at our house today. Both the boys are wide awake. Robbie was sleeping. But that changed quickly when Jeddie turned the corner and got excited and screamed "POE!" when he saw the piano in the dining room. Robbie must have heard it and wanted to see what was so exciting! The piano in our house is not a new thing, Jeddie sees it everyday, all day long. But today it evidently was even more exciting than before!

The other day Robbie insisted on napping with me.  When he fell asleep I put him on the other side of the bed so I could have some comfortable room to sleep... but before too long he was snuggled right back next to me.  We just had to take a pic to remember that sweet moment.

Toddler Book

I got this book the other week The Happiest Toddler on the Block by Harvey Karp, M.D.,
All the while reading it I thought: "Wow, that's a great idea. How come I haven't done that before?"  After I got through the middle of the book, I realized it kept repeating itself. Like 20 times. No joke. So when I finally reached the end of the book I thought- let's try some of these things.


 I have read other articles and books that contradict this book... so I realize that there are different to handle toddler defiance and tantrums. This book has some good points. Some ideas are unrealistic when dealing with more than one toddler- simply because time can't be taken to implement all these strategies when you have other children you have to keep your eyes on.  But I guess that's the kicker of raising more than one toddler at a time! Jeddie's almost a preschooler, but is still very much tantrumish! So some of these ideas have helped. 
Get the book, read the good points and use them. Try to implement what you can and be consistent. Took me less than 2 days to read.  This might be a better book for you if your toddler is the only toddler in the house. Haha.

Harper update

I had about 3 hours worth of contractions yesterday and realized that even though I am full term (37 weeks) tomorrow... none of my bags are packed for the hospital. So using a list I found on Pinterest, (modified to my own needs and experience) I started packing mine and Harper's things. For the life of me, I can't find the darn list online to share with you. Good thing I wrote it down for my sake though.

Some days I nest like a tasmanian devil, other days I resemble a sloth. Both tend to annoy hubby.  Just a wee bit, I'm sure. When I am in the mood to get housework done, he's rallied into 80% of the work while I watch and make sure he's doing it right. ha. Either that or he has to entertain the boys while I get things done.  Cleaning out the closets, hanging up curtains, dusting out blinds and window sills, yadda yadda. 

Harper is 3 weeks away from her due date... and she's already 6lbs 10oz.  That's a good size! I know some little babies that are on the other side of their mommie's tummys and they are 6 lbs.  So Harper being a good size and not too small: check. Both the boys were 7lbs 11oz, so we're shooting for that mark.

We're just praying for a healthy baby overall and can't wait to meet her. Our boys are including Harper in drawings, prayers, and conversation- so we know that they are ready to meet her too.

She'll be here before we know it.


Harper's first party

I like to think of my baby shower today as Harper's first party! It turned out unimaginably cute. I love every little detail!!! Thank you to my mom and sister for putting it together and to all those who came!

My grandmother made a wreath that we can put on the hospital door when I have the baby.

My sister made Harper's name on canvas with fabric and wood letters.

The women that made it all happen!

woo pig sooie!

baby Marissa will be Harper's little friend!!


Did you know that Harper's blessing gown is over 20 years old? My sister and I wore it on our blessing day.

Hooray for family!

Wishing Tree Sign says "Wishing Tree- write a note to mommy-to-be and place it on the wishing tree"

Just one more month til we get to hold her! She's already loved to pieces!!!


So cool!

My boys are so cool.  I wish I was as cool as them! Our family is growing and growing. I'm going to miss these days when it was just me and them home during the day. In just a few short weeks, it's going to be Mom-Dad- the boys- and a lil girl named Harper.
She is going to add such a different vibe to the house. It's not going to be all about tractors and trucks anymore. Soon there will be dollies and dress-up with jewelry and who knows what else! When she's born, Jeddie will be 35 months old- Robbie will be 20 months old.  I hope they love her and want to hold her. I know it will be an adjustment for them at first... but I can't wait until they are all friends, playing together.

A few words of complaining: (I'm allowed to do that right?)
I'm big. I'm uncomfortable. I don't sleep very well. I chase/take care of two energetic toddlers all day long AND I'm nine months pregnant. My dishes hardly ever get done. When I do have time for a shower, hardly ever do I actually have the energy to take one!! But you know what!? I love my family. It's hard work- but worth it. Everyone has a hard time doing something, and I'm glad my "hard time" is this: Family.

Here is a snippet of my morning to illustrate this concept:
It's 5:00AM. Hubby just left for work and of course Jeddie wants to wake up because he hears the front door open and close. Jeddie kept waking up during the night, but still at 5am it's RISE and SHINE for him. Jeddie "whispers" good morning to Robbie but despite his efforts to talk to Robbie quietly, Robbie wakes up and squeals: "Mom mom! Milk?"  I think to myself: okay, I'll go get them milkkkkkk.  I'm dang tired and waddle into the kitchen with two penguins behind me that are tired and whiny.  I can't find sippy cups fast enough for them and of course when I do find them they have mismatch lids and don't work. Poo. I think to myself "Of course it's not easy, is it? It's never easy!" Whoa- attitude check! I immediately hear a firm voice say: "Easy? You're taking care of children. I never said that would be easy." Once I realize that I wouldn't rather be doing anything else, I'm able to find working clean sippy cups and hand them to the boys. They run into their room and jump in bed, giggling and vrooming their trucks over their sippies.All better.

See! Hard, but worth it. Did I want to wake up at 5am? no. Do I want to hear whining through out the day? no. Do I want to feel like I swallowed a watermelon? no. Sometimes I feel like I get pulled in all different directions. I have to be a responsible wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, the list goes on. But you know, life is good. I'm surrounded by people that love me, and I always have the Lord to rely on to give me strength through hard times. Always.

Lift up the boxing gloves, ring the bell DING DING DING! I can do this!!