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We've been busy relaxing getting ready for the baby.  Haha. Busy relaxing.  First of all- not much relaxing to be done with two toddlers. Second of all- I guess we have been pretty busy. Hubby has been working overtime.  I've been scrubbing floors and walls, and I even did a bridal shoot a few days ago.  And look! My mom has been busy too: 

She made this little pillowcase dress for Harper. She made it out of a bed-skirt and sheet.  Ha! I love how creative she is.  I can't wait to see Harper dressed in all of her cute clothes.

Her due date is a whopping 8 days away.  8.

What frustrates me is that I have false labor, for hours, sometimes days. I'm dilating and effacing... but at an extremely slow rate. Basically 1 cm a week. She might get here by Christmas at this rate. LOL  But for the record, I am dilated to a 2. and I'm 70% effaced. Or I was last Wednesday anyway.

Call me crazy but this pregnancy I've been preparing for as much as a natural birth as possible. No pitocin, no epidural, and limited fluids through an IV (so I can walk around). I've even arranged to have wireless monitors so that Harper's condition can still be monitored while I move around.  I plan on going in to the hospital when my contractions are 3-4 minutes apart. 

That being said- I will in know way feel "a failure" if it doesn't work out how I want. Whether that means I end up getting an epidural, pitocin, or if I even end up with a C-section (heaven forbid).  She's still the same Harper when she gets here!

And I hope she gets here soon.

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