A great role model in my life

Some people are just great role models! I have many in my life that I look up to. My friend Emily and Mary are good at giving compliments and I want to be better at that. My friend Alli is so good at checking in on old friends no matter how long it has been since you last talked- I want to be like that too. My grandmother loves her family and stands by them in the good or the bad times that they go through and I need to be more like that. Another lovely role model in my life is my great Aunt Carol. She is both "great" and a generational great- meaning she is my grandmothers sister. This wonderful woman opens her home to everyone. She serves as much as she can. She has always encouraged me to pursue my talents in music and given me many opportunities to serve others by playing for them. She would take me to people that were in a rough time in their life that needed a few jolly Christmas carols. She would take me to church meetings where the spirit of The Lord felt thru music would be the perfect touch. She is a great mom to her five children and has helped raise many more children as a daycare director. Someday I wish to have her good qualities in me too! One day!

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