Hang up the phone

Some days I just want to "hang up the phone" so to speak on our gluten casein free diet that Jeddie is on. Especially times of the year like this. Where everyone is eating candy but Jeddie. Where everyone is getting enjoy things like candied apples and pumpkin pie. And he gets none. Zilch. He gets to collect the candy on Hallloween night but he doesn't get to eat it. How sad is that!?

Jeddie is on the gluten casein free diet for behavioral reasons. He just does better without those foods in his diet. But I'm tired of it. It's dang hard. And so I'm going to take a brave step and let him eat a peanut-butter sandwich for once. I'm going to let him eat a silly piece of candy. I think come time next week I will be greatly regretting this decision because of the meltdowns and bouts of hyper ness that will ensue- but for now we will just enjoy the sweet snickers bars and the suckers. I'm tired of seeing the puzzled look on his face when everyone else is oohing and aahhing enjoying their goodie treats and he is left out. Hurts my heart. Sensory Processing Disorder stinks. Big time.

But anyway. Look how cute they are in their costumes!!

post edit-**** Here I am, the very next day- contemplating probably putting him back on the GFCF diet. He is nuts today!!! Poor baby.

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heidi said...

The cutest little tigger and pumpkin! Hope he's doing better :) I would have caved for him too!