Jed's 3rd Birthday!

Jeddie loved his 3rd birthday party. He got to spend it with his friends and family and Spot the Dog!

We've been preparing Jeddie for his birthday all weekend. Even when he woke Sunday morning he was walking around the house repeating: "Guess What!? Bird day parry! THREE!! a cake, a yummy, and puppies, and trains." So when we walked up to my mom's front door and he saw the stickers on the window- he realized he had made it to the party!!

As a side note, how adorable is my mom's wax warmer?

Jeddie loves the birthday song now. He has been singing it all day long.

It was so precious to see Jeddie so excited for all of his presents. He was sooo happy to get his green tractor. He was jumping up and down for joy and couldn't wait for it to be opened. It brought tears to my eyes- I loved seeing his face light up and overcome with joy! After he had played with it for a few minutes- he stood up and exclaimed: "I love my tractor!" Seeing how he has never said that he loves anything yet {even me- when I say "I love you" to him, he just replies sweetly: "too!"}... I was pretty excited to hear that! We all think his speech is picking up fast!

Haha! These kids crack me up! Thanks to all those who came and made Jeddie's day so special!

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