The cutie

We have a bunch of cuties- but right now I want to post a few things about Harper. 


She is starting to smile now! It feels like it's taken forever! But in reality, she has only taken 2 weeks longer than the boys to start smiling.  It's so hard not to compare the children with each other! Sometimes it's helpful, other times- it's just unnecessary. I'll try to be better about it!

Nursing and my Diet

She is a little more than a month old. She sleeps through the night still! (knock on wood) I can't take credit for this, she decided to do it on her own. Nursing is still going really well too.
Raising Harper has made a lot of things click for me about when I was raising lil Jed when he was her age. Harper is such a good baby- she hardly ever fusses. But when she does- I can link it to what I eat. She is very fussy (and I mean inconsolable crying) when I eat:
-any milk product

It's anywhere from 6-24 hours afterwards that the fussing starts. But when I don't eat those things- she's as happy as can be! The reason why it makes it click for little Jed is he was a very very fussy baby. Especially at night. And I just attributed it to the fact that he was a baby. Since he was our first, I didn't realize the fussiness could be because of my diet- what I ate. I ate and drank milk all the time when I was nursing him. I love it all- milk, icecream, yogurt, cake, butter, chocolate- you name it! And sure enough when we put him on formula, he couldn't handle the milk-based formula. He had to drink soy-based. And then fussiness- gone.

Priscilla Dunstan Baby Language

We are trying our best to listen to Harper's cries and pre-cries to figure out what her needs are during the day and night.  If you are like: What?  Watch this video:

Let me tell you! A big difference in confidence and the time it takes us to make Harper happy. We now know that she needs to burp- a LOT. Her most common cries in order, are for:
heh-discomfort (she wants her diaper changed)
eair- gas pain

The fact that newborns know what they want and their natural reflexes let you know what they want.... woah. I used to think that babies only cried when they were hungry. That might sound stupid- but that's all I knew.

Man- I wish I knew then what I know now. der.

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