The pumpkin patch!

Every year we try to have a pumpkin patch adventure!

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And the year before...

We went with Nanna and Pops to a local pumpkin patch and
had a great time picking out pumpkins, pulling the heavy pumpkin carts, and playing in the sandbox.

Wow, it's just so crazy how they grow in one year. Here is a video from one year ago of Robbie dressed up as a pumpkin. I wanted to try it on him before so I could see how it would fit {basically just for fun}.

He just melts my heart! I love him so much. Jed and I are so happy to have such beautiful healthy children.  Some days I feel like we just can't get enough of their infectious laughter and giggles. Then other days (ahem...) the fun parts of raising young kiddos gets overcrowded with the hard parts. But that's just how it goes! Treasure the moments you have while they are young! It doesn't last forever. Don't spend your day waiting for bedtime or naptime (I'm definitely guilty of this one). One day they'll be gone and you'll miss this time dearly! I already miss when Jeddie was a newborn and wish I could go relive some of those days.  I wish I could go back and see that wide smile of his. It was amazing!

Something fun we did together today:
Before I put them to bed we played Ring Around the Rosie for the first time. I made them hold hands and we went in circles and "fell down" when the song ended. Robbie immediately fell in love with the game and giggled the whole time. Jeddie loved it because Robbie loved it. It was a sweet moment.

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