For Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year we visited Jackson, MS. I was born there and most of my Dad's family is still there, so we went. Hubby stayed behind to work, so my sister Lauren drove me and the kids there and back. It was so nice to visit everyone.  We don't get to go there often.

My dad was really happy to see all of his kids together I'm sure! It's been 3 years since the last time all 5 siblings were together. He was really helpful and I'm grateful he encouraged and helped us go along on the trip. 

I sat by Jeddie during the 5-6hr drive to Jackson and he did really well. There were a few hairy moments, but it was better than expected! All the kids did great.

We played Chicken Foot, a version of Dominoes like we did as kids. Other games played were Taboo, UNO, and Yahtzee. We used to play these games so often with family as kids. I'm glad to see some things don't change.

Thanksgiving was held at Jeff and Terry's house. Among their many pets was a hedgehog. It moved so fast it's hard to get a clear picture of him. But he is poky. and cute. And I'm not even sure he's a "he." They didn't know either. ha

I got to see Julia, my 14yr old cousin, again. She is so bright and beautiful and is very lively! I loved being around her again.  Do you think we look alike?

And here is another person look alike:
My sister Heidi and her hubby Jake got to meet Harper and Robbie for the first time! It was so sweet to see them interact with the kids.  Robbie really took to them both so well! They were so kind to them.

My Granny had never met any of her great grandchildren. She held Harper the first second she could and loved holding her every chance after that.

We got to visit with my great Uncle Gene and his wife. (Pictured above in the bottom right, blue shirt) We also got to visit with my great Aunt Eda (sp?) She is on the bottom left of the photograph. My grandad died when my dad was young (top right, white shirt), so I've never met him before. It's interesting to be around his siblings to see what he might have been like. They were both very nice and calming to be around. An interesting dynamic,those two.  They aren't nice to each other apparently- but I guess some sibling rivalry doesn't end even in old age. Ha

And I really can't end this post without saying such a big thank you to my older sister Lauren. I was really sweating wondering how I would make this trip work with just me and three kids and then she stepped up and helped me tremendously throughout the week. She really made this trip so enjoyable for me. I love you, Lauren. You are beautiful on both the inside and out and I'm so happy to share my family with you. You are a great Auntie to Jeddie, Robbie, and Harper girl.

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