Harper: 3 month summary

Hooray! Our Harper girl is healthy and a happy baby. She is 3 months old in just one week! She fits into all of her 3 month clothing now.  All these outfits are super cute on her!
I've typed up a development summary for Harper girl and need to keep it up so I can remember all of her little milestones! So, click Read More if you are interested, if not, just keep scrolling to look at pictures of our cute little family.

We are still following the Dunstan Baby Language method of listening to her pre-cries and cries to figure out her needs and it's going very nicely!



I don't know if you can see very well in the picture, but I tried to get a good one for you to see. This is Harper's back after I nursed her after I have eaten cashews. It was covered in a rash.  The rash gets on her face legs and arms too.
So cashews are yet another food to add to the list of foods I can't eat while I'm nursing her, or else she just gets rashes, spit up, vomit, diarrhea, and inconsolable crying from gas pain. She is one tough cookie, let me tell you:

milk or dairy product
pepper (both in spice, and in whole form)

I'm sure there are more that we are yet to discover. It seems we discover a new one every week. 
So what we do like to eat are:
spinach, lots and lots of spinach
peanut butter
assorted fruit


I don't have Harper on a set schedule- I have just followed her cues for sleep. Such as yawning, fussiness, and that dazed-I-just-need-some-sleep-look. When I pay attention to her, she usually ends up falling asleep the same time she did the day before.  She is still sleeping through out the night, usually a 5-7 hour stretch. During the day she takes 2 long naps (sometimes up to 3 hrs) but when she gets over-tired, she has a hard time falling asleep and usually fights it. Because of gas pain during the day, she usually wakes up 15-20 minutes after she has fallen asleep. I burp her, then she usually goes back to sleep, only to wake up 15-20 minutes later with more burping/gas pain.  As a result she takes a lot of "cat naps" throughout the day, on top of her two long naps. 
She really doesn't like sleeping on her back and prefers to be upright or on her side. -probably another result of her sensitive tummy.

Personality and Development

She loves to coo and talk to people. She has begun to smile and laugh more and even laughed at herself in the mirror this morning. She watches the boys play and is a sympathetic crier. When the boys are crying, she either coos to try and comfort, frowns,  or cries. 
She has found her hands and loves mouthing them.
Her head control is coming along nicely and she is able to control her head upright for a good minute or two when she is upright.  During our daily tummy-time she can lift up her head and look side to side. She still is having trouble coordinating her arms to lift herself up, but that's expected at this age.

I try not to worry, but she is a carbon-copy of little Jed. She looks like him, has his sleeping patterns, food sensitivities, and is starting to startle more often at common noises.  I'm hoping it's just a coincidence and not an indicator that she is more likely to develop SPD like Jeddie. Fingers crossed, but at least I know what to look for!


Rachel D. said...

I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I am always so impressed by you. I love that you said that instead of putting Harper on a schedule you are trying to look for her cues. Wow! Way to go! You're such a smart mom! I hope I can do the same thing. I only have 3 months before I'll have a little girl too. Question, do you have a parenting book/website that you really love? Cousin Rachel Pittman Dutson

Madeline Mele said...

@Rachel D Sometimes schedules are helpful (like with my toddlers, that is how we keep our sanity) but with Harper-girl it's more effective if we are flexible and pay attention to what she needs. Following Dunstan Baby Language makes that possible and much easier for us! You should look it up if you haven't heard of it already.
I bet you are going to be such a great mom too! You can do hard things, I believe in you! I can't wait to see pictures of your new little princess.

Books I love:
Love and Logic
Happiest Baby on the Block
On Becoming Babywise
Nurture Shock

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