Jeddie: 37 month summary

He is such a big boy! I love him so much. He often says "Guess WHAT!? I TREE BEEERS!!!" Meaning " Guess what! I am three years old!"  Click the link to Read more about Jeddie at 37 months.


Despite our hiccup last month, he is still on the gluten-casien free diet. Other things we keep away from him are food dyes, MSG, and added sugar. He still has loose stools.


He mostly sleeps through the night. He sometimes will wake up around 1 or 2am but easily goes back to sleep with our help.
Right now he is in a no-nap trend and just wanders the house during nap time pretending to look for various toys. Its really quite funny.  He even holds his hand up to his eyebrow and pretends to peer around the room, sees the toy he wants and quickly looks the other way saying "err are ooo? errr oo go?"

Personality and Development

He is showing more interest in his baby sister and wants to hold her throughout the day.
Playtime with other children is still more parallel play than actual interaction. But he is getting better! He really likes wrestling with Robbie when he is in a good mood. When people laugh because of something cute he's done, he misunderstands and usually cries, thinking that people are laughing making fun of him.
His hair grows like wildfire and his double cowlick in the back always points his hair up.
When he sees or rediscovers things throughout the day he says "oooh I wuv it!" Meaning that he loves it and is happy to play with it or wear it.

For the first time EVER he told me that he loves me. To me this is MONUMENTAL! On the car ride home from Thanksgiving I was sitting next to him and hugged him and said: "I love you" he replied "wuv too." Then he paused, thought, and looked up at me and said "Mom! I wuv you."And he didn't just say it once, he said it like eight times in a row. Which means he really means it. ha

When he is stressed he often says "a hold you, a hold you!" which means he wants me to hold him. I feel bad because many times I can't hold and comfort him, which often causes him more distress but he seems to get over it or find a way to channel it.

The majority of the day his hands are holding the same two toys. He usually changes the toy he is holding every two-three days. He usually gets really stressed if we try to take the toys away from him.

Occupational Therapy is going great and he really enjoys it. We are beginning the Therapeutic Listening program for his auditory processing. He is showing great improvement with the Bear Hug deep pressure vest. His fine motor skills are coming along great and we are starting to target more of his core strength in the sensory gym.
We are concerned about his delays in speech and weak muscle tone, so he is set up for Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy evaluations in January.

Lately his favorite show to watch is Curious George, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and SuperWhy on PBSkids.org/video  We try to limit him to 30min-1hr of screen-time a day. His low attention-span and tantrums are directly correlated to how much time he spends in front of a computer or tv screen.

He is such a ham and loves to crack himself up! We love him!

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