Robbie: 23 month summary

He loves backpacks, hats, and shoes. He even has his blankie that he usually carries around with him in the morning time.
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Personality and Development

He still has awesome bedhead when he wakes up from nap, pictured above. He has a natural affinity for the color pink and tries to sneak Harper's pink blankets during the day. And naturally because he is a momma's boy he gets into my make-up from time to time.
And the binky. He is still a lover of all things binky.

Because of the binky a lot of his speech sounds like goo goo gah gah. But most of the time we can make out a few words and understand his requests.

He is almost as big as Jeddie! He really is quite heavy. 

He got his first salon hair-cut last week! He did really well and looks really sharp!


His picky eating has quieted down. Although with beans, he still spits those out. If it even looks like a bean he avoids it like the plague. His favorite food to eat is bananas, pronounced by him as "uhnannuh!!!"


He sleeps through the night and always takes a nap in the afternoon after lunch. He hardly ever misses a nap. (knock on wood)

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