Christmas 2012

Peter Marshall once said "Let us not spend Christmas... but let us keep Christmas in our hearts and in our lives."

Hey! Don't get me wrong I like presents as much as the next person.  But I'm so grateful that God came down to earth and was born as a man- living a perfect life despite all His trials. And I am eternally thankful that he Atoned for mine and everyone else's sins and broke the bonds of death so that we can return to live with Him again one day. I believe in Him. I believe in that baby lying in a manger. I believe in the man teaching the people in Galilee. I believe in He who died on the cross for me.
I believe in giving gifts at Christmas, to remind us of the ultimate gift that God has given us- His Son.

We tried to get a cute picture of the boys on Christmas Eve. Haha. Tried to. I think Robbie had just got done picking his nose.

The WHOLE month Jeddie has been begging for Santa and presents. I'm not kidding. So for him to finally get to open presents, it was a big deal to him.
The boys loved opening their presents from all our family. They got TONS of tractors, a construction set, and cute clothes! They got so many toys, we'll have to hide some of them and rotate them in and out throughout the year. We are so grateful for all our family that love our boys and got them gifts. We feel so blessed.

The poor boys have been too sick to really play with them yet though. The day after Christmas we all came down with the flu. One by one it's hit us. So far Harper is the only one who is not sick. The result has been calling in sick to work, dirty dishes, staying in pajamas, and a bunch of Doctor Who while the kids are napping.

This December we have been sick every single week. I'm not exaggerating. There has been a different virus every week that has passed through the Mele Manor. Sooo frustrating. I'm hoping the month of January is better in that regard.

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I'm excited for the New Year. A lot of good changes are going to happen this year! Some of my goals include getting more organized, clearing out clutter, and getting physically fit.  More details on that later.

Until next time!

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Janae' said...

I have been sick forever too! It is horrible! Right when I get better, a few days later I get hit again. I feel for you!