Christmas Gnomes

We have adopted two Christmas gnomes. ahem.
Introducing Mrs. Gnaughty & Mr. Gnice.
They don't serve any particular purpose, since Santa outlawed garden gnomes eons ago. They just are cute. Silent silly friends. My mom showed me how to make them last night. I plan on making a few more. How adorable! I can't help but giggle everytime I see them. I need some giggling throughout my day.

On another note: this little dude turns 2 this Friday. And yes, we're still rockin' the binky.
He is learning how to talk more and more and is attempting to potty-train with Jeddie! He is becoming more independent- when I try to do something for him he hits my hand and says "nuh-uh!"

He also just learned how to hop with two feet! He has never been able to do it before and so now that he can he is hopping around the house as much as he can! It's so cute- he is so proud of himself.

He is a copy-cat and loves to do what his big brother Jeddie does.  Doesn't matter if it's falling off the couch. If Jeddie does it- he does it. Hahahahaha

Our little Chrimmus Tree (as Jeddie calls it) we still don't have a star to put up top, but I have something in mind. We're short on space in our little house, so the Christmas tree went into the playroom/piano room/computer room/supposed-to-be-a-dining-room.  HGTV would be ashamed. Do you ever have that feeling?
I hope your Christmas preparations are going well this season!

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