Robbie's Birthday is TODAY!

Robbie's birthday is TODAY! Jeddie's mad it's not HIS birthday, so he said "Bye, Mom!"
 There he is, birthday boy!

I tried to get him to play with Perfectionate photo props today, but it was a no go.

Hey! Does this face and picture look familiar?

Robbie is such a good brother, he is trying to help Jeddie ride his tricycle in the rocks.

And then an airplane came. The sun was too bright, but they still tried to look and find it!

Robbie loves his sticks.

Then Jed starts looking for his monster truck... "Monster truck!? Where oo go?"

Beautiful birthday boy. You are so perfect. We love you so much. I love your bashfulness, how you love to cuddle. How you scream like a girl. You are mom's little buddy. Life wouldn't be complete without you!

Just two years ago you were a tiny little newborn...

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