Such a good daddy: a bragging post

Hubby is such a good daddy. I love capturing moments like this: he is reading a book to Harper girl. Of course she is just as happy sitting in his lap, listening to his voice... I am sure she could care less about the book. Ha.
But it's so wonderful to me knowing that my best friend is such a good daddy to our little kiddos. Don't get me wrong- no one is perfect. And we all have our moments. Woo wee, me especially!
Here are some things big Jed has done lately to help me out:
Boys bath time
Holds Harper for me
Cooks dinner- really yummy dinner
Puts Harper to sleep
Takes me to Target (love that place!)
Tells me I'm beautiful
Puts up with my box-fettish
Rake the lawn

I just love him! He is perfect for me. Brag brag brag, wah wah wahhhh! *charlie brown teacher voice*

I hope you have someone special in your life that treats you like royalty. Even if its just a good friend- everyone needs someone. That theme becomes especially apparent this time of year.

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