Play Time

Jeddie and Robbie love playing together.  Peekaboo!
Now Robbie's trying to hide:
Tractor time!


Sweet Valentine's Day

Hubby was a trickster this year and got me some delicious Godiva White Chocolates! I thought he had just got some for our mothers... but NO! He got some for me too! Delivered to our door.

Thanks, Jed! I love you!

And my mother brought over some awesomely awesome cookies for Valentines Day too! They were absolutely delicious. Thanks, Mom!
 I had a really sweet Valentines Day.

Morning at Sallis Ranch

A couple of weeks ago we went to Sallis Ranch Horse Farm.
They rescue horses that need a home and adopt them out.

They breed border collies, so fat and cute!

Robbie loved the four-wheeler. He wanted to go again and again and again.


so close to the camera

hmmm how close can I get to the camera?