Man food

I ask Jed to make dinner and this is what he comes up with:
Man Food
Romaine lettuce, fresh bell pepper, bacon, ranch, and chicken tenderloins cooked in Texas Pete's buffalo wing sauce all wrapped up in an awesome sun-dried tomato basil flour wrap. Pretty good!! (and also very spicy) I call it man food.


toaster troubles

Before I tell you about our toaster troubles, I just had to share this cute set of pics of Jeddie.  I just made my bed for the morning and was straightening up the living room. I heard him walk into our room with his tractor and then I heard "YAY!!!!!"  He sounded soooo excited and so I thought: "oh he just found another tractor toy in our room somewhere." But no! I walk in there and he's exactly like this:  he was sooo excited to be able to climb into our bed under the neatly made covers. It warmed my heart and made me laugh so I ran and grabbed my camera:

I love this kid.

You always see pictures of baby feet, but what about toddler toes? They are still just as adorable.

alright... here is the toaster troubles.  Hamilton Beach toaster (pictured left) we call him Hammy. He just doesn't get the picture. He went out a week ago, but keeps tryin' to come back and still be our toaster. I've told Hammy many times, that when you're done- you're done.  I walk in and sometimes his light comes on for just a few more minutes saying: "come one, just one more piece of toast."  But we decided it was definitely time to pull the plug.
Hammy has been replaced with BAD... stands for Black and Decker (pictured right)  BAD already is looking very promising. I mean, look at that smile!!
We are sad Hammy had to go. He was our first appliance to 
break since we've been married. 


a birthday SURPRISE!

Even after such a long day of work, they still come and surprise me with CHOCOLATE! It made my day and touched my heart. Lindsey and Alli, you are awesome. (oh Kendlllll, we misssss you! Where arrrrre you?)

oooh they know me so well.  nom nom nom.


The bunnies are everywhere!! They are taking over! I like them, they are so cute!

Jeddie loves looking for them "Raaaabeeed, oh Raaaaabitttt."  when he's not lookin for a snack that is.

hmmmm what's this? speaking of snacks....

big, red, juicy, delicious, nutritious.

and LOOK there's more! yep we're definitely being fruitful. LOL

we have such beautiful things growing! (inside and out!)

hmmm maybe this is why the bunnies are showing up in our yard:

There's a baby in there somewhere!!!!
19 weeks along, almost half way there!! Gosh I hope I'm not twice as big when the big day arrives, that would be uncomfortable- for sure.

we love you little munchkin! take your time though, momma needs some time with her boys before you come and shine with your cuteness. just 5 more months til you come join us! see you then!


Mele's are awesome

We're cute, we're funny. We're just plain awesome. So how could we not want another one of us?
Yep! We're having ANOTHER lil Mele!  
This baby is due the beginning of September.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We got to see this little one in an ultrasound today. But the baby was too shy and wouldn't share the gender.  **big frown face**
But this baby has long legs and big feet (typical Mele genes), and the cutest little face (another obvious Mele gene).  I'm in love already. 
We don't know what the gender is but we will soon!!!!!!!! Stay posted :)
You can listen to the baby's heartbeat here.

We love our family


Cousins at Easter

I absolutely love my family! Here are my cute little cousins and of course my boys are in there too. I'm sad I couldn't get a picture of all the cute kids, but here are just a few!

Lil Jed absolutely loved his ring pop. Hardly ever does he get candy. I know that sounds mean, but we have to be so strict with his diet because of how sensitive he is to food. He was gnawing on it- it was funny. 


Easter Egg Hunt Party at the Crockett's!

We went to Aunt Carol and Uncle Jerry's house to have an Easter Egg Hunt. They run the SnuggleBug Cafe daycare and throw an Easter Party every year. I'm excited that we are here this year to be apart of it! We always like to sneak in for the little daycare parties they throw. They are so much fun!

 The boys hunted Easter Eggs like they had been doing it their whole life. They picked up those eggs and put them in the basket like professionals.  I thought surely they would sit with just one or throw them. But no! With a little direction, they filled up the bottom of their Easter bags with yummy candy Mommy is now enjoying while she blogs. (unfair isn't it)

And of course here comes the dreaded picture with the Easter Bunny. I say "dreaded" because what child always smiles every year for each costumed character photo-op? I haven't met one yet. Have you? Can you tell that Robbie was trying his hardest to get as far away from Kristen Farris, I mean the Easter Bunny, as possible?  Wooo! Great picture.

Playing at the Library

Our county library is so awesome! They have a whole room for children's books.  In a small section they have a kitchen play-set that boys love. We come here at least once a week.

 Barely do we read books. We just mostly pretend to eat and cook.

 One thing that we do for real here is make messes. Too bad those aren't pretend.

 Lil Jed always hogs the toy sweet foods, like the cupcakes and cakes. He would not let Robbie even come near them.  So Robbie was content vacuuming instead.
 But as soon as little girls came to play, Jeddie was adamant that they share the cupcakes with him.  He offered the cupcakes to them multiple times.  They refused the first four times.  He was heartbroken that they refused his gift! He walked around with a sullen expression until he got the courage to go offer again.  But finally they accepted the cupcakes and he was ecstatic.  After that, he offered everything he could to them. The cupcakes, the cake, the tea-cups, and even Robbie on occasion. It made me smile to see him be so kind to these little girls.  The girls were probably age 5 to 7. I was glad they were being good sports with him.  

We love getting out and having fun. It makes it so much better when they cooperate with us, though. These boys were so happy today and very well-behaved. Robbie was a stinker on occasion, but what more can you ask from a cutie-patootie 16 month old?


Let's play a game!

170th Annual Relief Society Birthday Celebration

Last Thursday was the Relief Society Birthday Celebration. My mom worked so hard to make it special for everyone. She couldn't have done it without everyone's help.  Thanks to everyone! You know who you are!!  We made little embroidered dishtowels to give to everyone that came.  I'll post pics of those when I can.


Getting ready for Easter!

Easter is just in a few days! Such a fun time of year, I love it all. 

We got this cute hanging petunia planter.  I'm a petunia pincher. When we bought the plant, it only had 3 stems producing flowers. Now look at it! All thanks to pruning (petunia pinching).  It's got a long way to go: my goal is to get it looking like a petunia monster.  
got chalk?

I like blowing bubbles. With bubble gum and with actual bubbles!!!

We got this fun chalk in an awesome package in the mail from Jed's parents today. They sent an Easter package full of candy, books, monster truck toys, and chalk.  love love love

Here's our little rose bush. It's so beautiful. I love it.  Everytime I see it, I can't help but feel a little calmer.  Which, right now- is nice!

AAAAAAAH  Our boys are growing up!!