One of the worst days ever...

Yesterday was one of the scariest days I've ever endured.  It was like I was living a nightmare. I woke up this morning thinking, "Surely yesterday was just a dream?" But the memories started flooding back so quickly that I knew they were all too real.

Wednesday morning was the first time in my life I've ever had a seizure. I pray it's the last time too.  I've written as much as I can remember about what happened if you want to read about it.
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a fun collection of our past week

I'll start with tonight:  

we had a family baby shower for Amber and Shane who are welcoming Addison Grace to their family in a few short months.  They are so cute and are excited for the little girl their getting soon!!

My mom made a diaper/ tote bag for them and we stuffed it full of goodies.  Diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers- you know- the works. teehee My mom is talented!

My grandmother put together this cute tablescape with cupcakes, flower arrangement, and a beautiful yummy pitcher of strawberry lemonade.  Good thing they are having a girl because that is a lot of delicious pink I see!

then last night:

My friend Lindsey came over to visit and was the best story-teller of the night. She is so sweet with our boys. I'm really lucky to have her as a friend. :)

and then the night before!:

Movie night with the hubsters. Need I say more?

very good movie! Highly recommend it! {a lot less "dark" than the first one}

we all know you can't watch Robert Downey Jr. and NOT eat chocolate icecream at the same time!! yum.

And then a few days before that...: 

{i think i'm running out of days in one week} 
We played outside for a LONG time because it wasn't so hot as it normally is!
Robbie drawing with chalk, and Jeddie mowing rocks with his tractor

He found Robbie's chalk and thought it was so funny it was on his finger!

He loves watching videos on the ipod touch. mommy uses this tool of distraction to get the dishes done!

and last weekend!:

My mom found a few pairs of cute little shoes for Harper girl.  Last weekend marked the beginning of my THIRD trimester. That means I'm almost done. Just 2 1/2 months left. Feels weird to tell people that.  I'm actually convinced I'll be pregnant forever. Not gonna lie.

28 weeks and waddling like a penguin

I'm pretty sure I've got this sucker memorized by now
So there you have it!  A fun collection of our past week. I'll save the whiney collection and long-winded collection for later. LOL


Beautiful things

My mother has such beautiful things in her home. And it's always in cute arrangements.  Getting ready for a Mary Kay party, she lit this yummy candle. It's so funny to me: during my first trimester I hated this candle, now I can't get enough of it! {oh, the joys of the pregnancy nose}


perfect name for a perfect little girl

You need a good name 
One that will fit you just right 
It can't fit too loose 
It can't fit too tight

So we'll call you Harper
In hopes that you'll think
That it's a good fit
And to your grandmothers' a link

For you're middle name: Kay
Is their name too
It will be sweet to see
You start that name anew

Harper Kay Mele, we love you.


I laugh, {and snort}

 I don't know why it tickles me so much to see his reaction. Any normal person would give me the stink-eye for waking them up from a good nap. Sometimes I have to wake him up when he sleeps too long! Momma's bed must have just felt extra comfy that day.

While they are napping...

While the boys are napping I just wanted to write down a few things before I forget.


Today lil Jed had a occupation therapy re-evaluation.  After learning that his first evaluation was done incorrectly and that there were errors on the scoring, we pushed to have him re-evaluated. I'm so glad we did too.  He qualifies for occupational therapy each week and will start as soon as possible.  He is very smart and his cognitive development is right on track. However, his fine motor skills are lacking because of his sensory processing struggles.   And I'm so glad that someone else has recognized it and is willing to refer him for therapy.  Therapy will help him with bilateral coordination too. He is very much "left side stays on left, and right side stays on right" and has a hard time combining or switching the two.

Overall, I'm very relieved.

All toddlers are hard, but I feel like lil Jeddie requires an extra push of patience. I can't just hand him crayons for coloring. I can't always get him to just lay down for a diaper change or put any shirt on him. Most things are a big deal and requires previously planning {or really quick thinking!} It's. hard. But it's good for me.  Helps me realize that Robbie (who is 1 year younger) isn't really stressful at all and I can easily handle his cute little attitude.  I love them both so much and I'm so grateful that these wonderful boys were born into our family. I'm grateful that the Lord has blessed me with enough awareness to realize that Jeddie does need extra help.  I can tell that he tries so hard to be good. He really does.

She now has a name.

And after such a handful of having two little boys, can you imagine we're having another baby!   If I thought having a boy was tough, I'm sure I'll be pleasantly surprised at the dynamics of raising a girl. Ha. ha. If she is anything like I was- she'll be a roller coaster of emotions, happy one minute- stomping her feet the next.  And a persistent little booger too.  {wait a second, I think I'm still like that} And guess what, we came up with a name!  She now has a name. It's unique, runs in the family, and... I can't reveal it quite yet. I do so like surprises.

I feel like I've typed so much but I mean every word.  Blogging is a good output for me.  Helps me channel my thoughts and straighten out all the lines of words running around in my head. I hope you've learned a little from it.

Where did all the pictures go?

YAK! My photography bug is starting to bite me.  I need to take pictures of the boys with my Nikon and post pictures! You need to see how lil Robbie's toes are getting longer,  Jeddie's eyes are deeper brown, my belly is bigger, and hubby's head is getting balder.  Hhahhahahha. funny story about that- I'll save it for another time.


Silly Jeddie's ABC's

This kid cracks me up!


Preggo Post

My recent Nauvoo trip was the first mommy-daughter trip.  I was just 24 weeks along.  She did great! haha.  Most of the time she just hung out while I took pictures of Lindsey and Thomas.  (It was so hot!! I'm surprised everyone lasted as long as they did) My friend Alli snatched this picture. I'm so grateful she did, too! My little girl looks good on me- haha! She's going to look even better when she's officially here.

Saturday: alli at 16ish weeks, madeline at 25 weeks
Here's a pic of me and Alli. We have been best friends since 3rd grade.  She's preggo with her first lil baby. I think she is 16ish weeks along? Don't know what she's having yet, but I'm guessing it's a boy!!  It's so fun having a preggo buddy. 

Right now I'm 26 weeks. At the end of next week I'm in my 3rd trimester. BLAH! This is going fast! Just 14 more weeks till the due date! Robbie came 3 weeks early... so she might surprise us! I actually want her to come as close to her due date as possible.  So I told Jed to keep me home as long as possible and not give in to contractions so soon like I have done before. With Robbie I had had 3 days of contractions on and off before heading to the hospital, but turns out it was more from dehydration than anything else. So when they gave me an IV at the hospital, contractions almost stopped completely.  So I got Pitocin- which made it next to impossible to deliver without an epidural. Pitocin makes it feel like there is an axe on top of the stomach. no good.  So this time I'm going to be smart:  Drink a LOt of water and make sure I'm in true labor, not just dehydrated.

anyways, blah blah blah yadda yadda.

Oh! and one more thing: Sunday morning Robbie sat right on top of my belly. If you have ever picked up Robbie, you would know he's a thick chunk of 28lbs.  Right on top of my belly.  He didn't just gently sit, he dropped like a sack of potatoes. He was aiming for my lap like he always does, but missed LOL.  Well evidently baby sister didn't like that too well because she went silent for a while. She moved about 15% as much as she normally does.  It took her a day and a half to come back to normal movement patterns. Her heart beat was strong the whole time, so she was and is okay- but it's still scary! My uterus was cramping and twitching like crazy and needless to say I was uncomfortable for a few days. But we're back to normal now!  Doctor gave her a clean bill of health. :)  Before the incident I was carrying her high, now she's dropped lower but I can feel her slowly moving her way back up.  Poor thing, she's not even here yet and Robbie has already plopped on her. He's just making sure she knows who is boss.  ;D

It was really sweet, right after it happened I was on the ground hurt and lil Jed came up to me and kept saying "Okay? Okay? Happy! Happy!" he meant: "are you okay? be happy!"  That sweet patootie. I'm so blessed to have such great boys!


Funny Conversations and Baby Dreams

Hubby always knows how to crack me up.{his conversation is in white, mine in green}
He always turns off the air conditioning, and I burn-up for no good reason.  And no, it's not because I have awesome good looks. It's because I'm preggo, probably?

Speaking of good looks: I keep having dreams of our baby girl. Some of them sweet, some humorous.  I think this last one I had was funny.  I dreamed she was born and being adored by visitors at home.  All the visitors from my hometown and family kept remarking about her lips.  How big they were, how cute they were.  Then a visitor from California (hubby's state) came {don't remember who...}  the first thing that came out of their lips were:  "YUP!!! She's GOT the MELE LIPS!!!"  I looked over at Jed's father-in-law laughing saying:  "Wonder who she got those from!?"

I can't wait to meet her.  She is still anonymous. No name.  But we do have a running list:
First name:
Lauraly (not sure on spelling...)

Middle name:
Grace  (not likely to change)

OR! Since I like all the names, we could do what my physics teacher did in High School. He named his son six names!!  Samuel Ivan Robert Kay Octavian Trawick. 

or maybe not.