You know, this kid cracks me up. Every time. If he's not trying my patience he is making me laugh. Typical 3yr old, right? Lately his habit is making faces. Always the same faces, always in the same order.
Last Sunday was his first day of Primary as a Sunbeam. It requires him to sit in a chair in a room full of other children. HAHHA, like that's going to happen any time soon. Dad sat with him to try and get him to participate. But he was having a hard time, so they pulled out Dad's phone to take pictures. Then Jeddie proceeds to take pictures of himself and his faces.

"Normal" Happy Cheese Face




Sad. again.



Can you believe it!? He is such a ham. If I'm ever having a bad day, I'm going to pull up this post and look at these pictures.

He loves to put stickers all over himself. And even more than that, he loves getting a picture of himself with stickers all over himself.  And Robbie loves to copy-cat. Of course. Except, this time, they got into the mailing labels- not stickers,  dang.


Megan K said...

He's so cute! Oh and Lila has that same pair of PJs that Harper has on :)

The Mele's said...

Thanks Megan! Lila is adorable too!! I'm glad they share the same outfit :)