Jeddie 39 month summary

Oh Jeddie, where to start?

Sensory in some ways have gotten worse this month. Noises are becoming even more troublesome to him and he seems to be having trouble with his vision (he's looking sideways at things a lot more than usual). The frequency and intensity of meltdowns are increasing.
He has started saying "I love you" even more and has really sweet moments where he wants to hug and kiss me and "squeeze me tight, mom!"

We learned that he hurt his little leg and is going to get physical therapy and probably shoe inserts to help realign his leg and overall posture. We're also excited that he'll be building his weak muscle tone in therapy too.

He was supposed to start Primary each Sunday at the beginning of the year, but we haven't been able to get him in there yet. I'm being patient hoping it won't take long for him to transition from nursery. 

Potty training! Yes, we are attempting it. We usually last four hours accident free and then he starts forgetting to go in the potty. I'm trying not to push it too hard, and he lets me know when I have. He'll notice that he's wet and then say- "I don't like it. I can't do it. Ughhh. A diaper now!" I'm sure this transition will take time, like all others.

Lately he's enjoyed telling us sequence of events. "Play, Milk, then....FRIENDS!!" and if I try to correct him and tell him what's actually going to happen he says "No, no, mom. Stop. Shush. Play.... milk.... and then.... FRIENDS!" It cracks me up every time.

Harper was playing on a blanket on the ground the other day and he sat beside her and just pet her back and hair, and patted her bum saying "soft, Harper, soft. no no. Soft." (I think he inserts the "no no" because he hears us say it to him!)

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