Robbie 25 month summary

Despite the picture, we really are trying to edge the binky away from Robbie. He still tries to stick to it like glue.

He is teething his back molars and has become kinda cranky and more boogarish as a result.
His sleep through the night has become interrupted from the pain probably, but his day-time naps are still right on schedule.
I took the kids for story-time at the library and we lasted for a good five minutes. I knew it was time to go when he was crying banging on the door to leave. He obviously didn't like it!!

He is trying his hardest to copy what we say. I can hear the inflection in his voice copied,  he just is still mixing up all the consonants and vowels.

Milk sounds like guck
Banana sounds like nannuhh (so cute! he asks for these all day long)
Binky sounds like uh-geenkeeeee

His picky eating has quieted down A LOT thankfully. He now tastes everything on his plate and will eat most of the food on his plate each day. We have stopped buying cow milk for him and he now drinks almond and rice milk like the rest of us.

Lately he has loved coloring with crayons and pencils on paper and in coloring books. He didn't have as high of an interest in it before so it's fun to see him starting to scribble. He even drew a circle shape and looked up and said " a gerkle!" Proud mom moment right there!

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