She loves those fists

It's getting hard to get her to sit her silly cuteness still for the camera! But she is adorable none-the-less. A lover of the hands, as you can see:

She's also a lover of the mommy too. Which- is fine by me. She is four months old and in the process of losing the newborn baby face. Ugh. I'm going to miss it.  At her appointment she weighed in at 13 1/2lbs. I can't bring myself to put up her precious newborn clothes in storage. So we can keep them out a little longer, right? AaAhh! I just love this Harper girl. Her hair has a little bit of red in it!

We're finally getting over the flu (fingers crossed). It's been almost two weeks now. Feels like almost a lifetime. The dang flu made me miss my dear cousin Kendl's wedding. I'm really disappointed about that. Still. I think I will be forever. My cousin is my best friend. Her and her hubby make one cute heck of a couple!

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