Easter weekend in the Emergency Room?

I'm so relieved its Spring time.  Every time I step outside it brings back memories of popscicles,  trampolines, bicycles, and baby chicks.

Over Easter weekend Jeddie got really sick and was in and out of the Emergency Room due to bacteremia (blood infection/blood poisoning).  I had never heard of it before this weekend and now will never forget it.
He had a cold last week and the doctor thinks he actually had a sinus infection that crossed his mucous membrane into his blood stream, infecting his blood. And I guess once that happened his body's immune system went into overdrive.  He was happy one moment, and then whiney and cold. Shivering, trembling. Turning that purple color when they have been swimming in a cold pool. Thirsty, stomach pain. Hyperventilating. I got him to slow down his breathing but he was still having trouble. Was he just being silly? But then he stopped talking and started staring, then dozing. Then shaking his head and making weird faces in between dozing again. He seemed confused. We think at this point he was having a febrile seizure. By the time the ambulance got to our house his temperature had reached nearly 104 Fahrenheit. The seizure only lasted a few minutes and he was able to talk again, but he was wiped out.  He fell asleep and we tried to get him to wake up, but it was taking too much effort. Jeddie is a light-sleeper. That is not typical behavior for him.
I'm grateful that the emergency response team was there, however they just assumed he had just a febrile seizure and that he would be fine with just Ibuprofen to pull the fever down. They said good-bye and walked out the door. I looked at Jeddie and asked "Are you okay?" and he responded with a small "Almost there..."
I called his doctor and explained the situation and he said take him to the Emergency Room. Immediately. So I did.  He got some antibiotic shots to quickly fight the infection and now is taking oral antibiotics to continue fighting it.  He is doing so much better. Antibiotics saved his life.  Those are such eerie words to type...

Such a long weekend. I'm so tired. Taking a child to the hospital is exhausting.  I'm glad Jeddie is home with us and doesn't have to go back. I'm glad he is doing better.

I hated typing this up, but please- if your child ever has the symptoms like Jeddie and it just doesn't seem typical, then do something about it. Febrile seizures don't necessarily coincide with bacteremia. But because of the seizure it caused me to think twice about his other behavior. It was a blessing that he had the seizure, really.

Who knew that motherhood could be so scary. Life can be taken in an instant.  I'm so grateful that the Lord blessed us so that Jeddie could get better.
And if life is taken, like it so often heartbreakingly does, I'm so happy to know that the Lord provides us a way to be with our family forever. Never parted, except for this short time here on Earth. That's what the message of the Easter Season is all about. Christ. The Atonement. The Resurrection.  I'm so grateful!!

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Mary said...

Ah, I am so glad you shared this! Good to know. I am glad Jeddie is ok, and on the road to recovery.