Here's a pic of my mom holding my then brand new daughter.
Do you see that smile on my mom's face? Did she have that same smile when she held me for the first time? I bet she did.
My mom is so warm. I remember hugging and snuggling her and never wanting to let go. She always smelled sooo good. Her favorite perfume smelled like pear. I would pay good money to smell that perfume again.
I was a momma's girl growing up. Still am! I always hear stories from previous babysitters about how I would scream, yell, and hollar until my mom was back with me again. 
But one day when I was a teenager, telling her how much I wanted leave for college and start my own life, she broke down in tears and told me how much she needed me too. I always knew that I needed my mother, but not until that moment did I realize that she needed me too.
She is my best friend and is such a good listener. I've been really down lately and having a hard time keeping my neck above this water called motherhood. But she listens to my complaints, worries, and dreams- sometimes giving feedback, but always listening. Always there for me. Thank you, Mom!

Mom, I'm so glad I have you. No one can replace you in my life.

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