the boys got haircuts

Why am I blogging about haircuts? Because it doesn't happen as often as it should. Haha! And when they get haircuts, my innerself shouts HOORAY! 

Robbie's hair is in the fuzzy duckling stage. Can you tell?

This is Jeddie's "I'm mad but still cute" face. Seriously.


the hubby bakes, I just eat it

I love it when hubby bakes a cake and I just get to eat it! Does anyone know of a healthy sugar substitute for baking? Sugar still makes me sick. So I only got to enjoy a tiny bit of awesomeness. But before I show you the cake- check out this cute dress from Maurices!
My sister bought it for me for my birthday. I just love paisley print. Especially on this dress. I'm 5'5'' and the length was perfect with a small black heel. The fabric was nice and airy too- so even though it was 85 degrees today- I was comfortable. Today I paired the dress with this cute orange bracelet and earrings from Maurices too.  Another birthday gift from my sister! She sure does know how to spoil a girl.

Okay! So now on to the cake: We made a lemon cake. We almost ALWAYS bake gluten and dairy free. And sometimes sugar free if we can get away with it.

This recipe comes from the website Living Without. Living Without has been an incredible resource for the hubby and I in our adventures of gluten and dairy free baking. Gluten free means no wheat. We replace wheat flour with other flours such as rice, sorghum, and tapioca. Whole grain wheat is normally a very natural, healthy source for grains. We only substitute wheat with other grains because Jeddie and I don't digest the proteins in wheat very well. We avoid dairy for the same reasons.
When you avoid dairy and gluten, it does make it feel like you're deprived of a variety of mainstream packaged foods! So we quiet those feelings with yummy cakes, muffins, waffles, and even fried chicken- all made with flours other than wheat.
Want to learn more about gluten sensitivity? Check out this article at MindBodyGreen

I would like to think that I made this beautiful cake. But the hubby normally bakes. And I just eat it. Who bakes more in your home?