Blog Design: Scrappy Boy

I recently redesigned the Scrappy Boy blog. There are a lot of neat features I like about this blog.
  1. Both Page Menu & Social Media tabs in the Header- instead of being placed below or above the banner image as an after-thought, they are incorporated into the design.
  2. Rollover Pinterest Button on each image- When the mouse cursor scrolls on top of an image in a post, the icon "Pin-it" button magically appears. Do I even need to explain why this tool is so handy?
  3. Beautiful Ribbon Sidebar Title image- The ribbon that is in the characters hand in the banner automatically border the bottom of each sidebar title to tie the design all together.
Visit his site to see the rest of his blog design, and also to look at the awesome cards and crafts he has created with his Cricut machine. This man is talented!

1 comment:

Priscilla Barron said...

So, so cute!! I really want to have Blog soon. Are they difficult to design?? Do you have training videos?? Keep up the great work!! Have a great day!!