Gluten-Free Homemade Pizza

This pizza is rockin' awesome! This homemade pizza tastes better than any commercial gluten-free pizza I've tried. The recipe for the crust comes from Living Without, a magazine/website that specializes in recipes for people that have food allergens or interolance. The first time we had this pizza, we coupled it with homemade dairy-free chocolate coconut icecream. Yes. You read that right. I was in heaven. A post about that is coming up!
Every time we bake this pizza, we try a different topping combo. My recent favorite: zucchini squash and spinach.
Pictured below is bbq chicken and tomato.

For a complete gluten-free dairy-free pizza, we skip on the cheese. Sometimes we even split the pizza 1/2 and 1/2. Half cheese, half no cheese.


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