Life is upside down!

Sometimes, I feel like life is upside down. Our schedule, routine, and rhythm just gets mixed around like a deck of cards or something!
I probably predominantly feel this way for a number of reasons. One: hubby works night shift. From 8pm to 8am he is gone. When he gets home around 9:30am or so, it's "Hello, bye bye" Because he eats breakfast and goes to bed. Ear plugs are a must. I literally drag him out of bed around 5pm (If I can wait that long). We eat dinner at 6pm, put the kids to bed at 7pm. And he is gone by 8pm.  Boom. Just like that.

Reason number two: Harper has Pertussis and will for forevvver it feels like. She coughs and gags herself awake at naps and at night. No sleep. No peace. bleh

Reason number three: My mother broke her leg. No scratch that- not broke. Shattered. She was in the hospital for three days. Just kidding. She was in the hospital for almost three weeks. She had to endure 3 surgeries, and now can't put any weight on her leg until October. So I've been with her almost every other day helping out as much as I can.

I promise I'm NOT having a pity party here (sniffle sniffle). Let me tell you: I've got some awesome blessings. Even though things are upside down here- we've got it pretty good.

Reason number one my life rocks right now:
That's vanilla coconut icecream, peanuts, and chocolate hazelnuts. All in one bowl. It's free of dairy, gluten, soy, and refined sugar. nom nom nom (these aren't in any particular order, by the way)

Reason number two! ahem:
My dad has been coming over during the week to help me with the kids and whatever else I need at the moment. He has even graced us with Chick-fil-a a few times. Their grilled chicken salads are delish. He also helped me redo my bookcase wall, by building two new white bookcases so I can get a little more organized. (Read: stash more stuff)

Reason number three:
My great great Aunt Catherine has been sharing some AWESOME stories about her childhood by posting them on her Facebook. Yes that's right. I have a living great great aunt that uses Facebook. Daily. These stories are so heartwarming. And some are down-right funny. Aunt Catherine has inspired my great grandmother (her sister) to share some stories of her own and I just feel so uplifted. There are hardly words to describe the feeling of being able to connect with loved ones that have passed on through stories and pictures of their past.
So that these stories are available to everyone, I've been copy/pasting them onto our family tree at familysearch.org. When someone looks up Josephine Mooney, my great great grandmother, these stories will show up- along with other information like her birthdate, husband, and children. Likewise for anyone else these stories are about or happen to mention.  How incredible!? Here is one for you to read:

Reason number four:
Mindy Gledhill is coming out with another album, Pocketful of Poetry. Enough said!

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