Lil Jed's first day of Preschool

Wait!! STOP!!! 


This is happening. So many mixed emotions for this moment. 
We get out of the van and he says "Bye, thanks for coming! See you later!" I just giggled and kept walking with him. A few steps later he stops and says "No, Mom. Can you get back in the car please?"

... . .  Oh sure Jeddie, let me just drive away and let you grow up all by yourself. !!
This kid cracks me up. He is so ready for each new step of his life. Running forward, trying to get out of my tight grasp of "No, Jed. Don't grow up just yet!!"

This morning was his first for preschool. He goes twice a week, for four hours each time.

I tried to get a pic of him in the classroom too. Nope. Too much to see.

What do I even say??

Argh. I need to change the subject before I have to go grab the Kleenex. 
Look! It's a gerber daisy. These are my favorite in our front yard.

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