Sonora: Tar Flat

Oh my heck. In our exploration of Downtown Sonora, we came across Tar Flat Fine Goods for Country Life. And they aren't kidding. I love this place and I HAVE to visit every time we come now. There is no fighting it.

Some reasons I love this little shoppe. Their soap. They have multiple brands of natural soap for sell. This particular brand is phenomenal. Olive oil. Need I say more?

It is a HEAVY piece of soap! I wonder how hard it is to make? I'm putting this on my to-do list. I'm probably going to be dreaming of this stuff tonight. I'm not kidding!

The Orange Flower cube smelled delicious.

Another reason I am in love with this store is they sell Furniture paint. Multiple colors. My favorite was the grey.

I gasped when I saw the soap. I gasped when I saw the paint. And then when I rounded the corner and saw this room: I gasped even louder. The lady at the cash register was probably laughing at me. This room is straight out of a West Elm catalogue.

The rugs...

And more soap! If I could, I seriously would buy every single one. Twice.

Whoever wrote this poster is seriously talented. I wish I could make letters and words look this pretty.

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Heidi said...

I want to go to there!!