Wednesday at Railtown

Today we went to Jamestown's Railtown State Park and rode the vintage diesel train. The boys love trains, so this was a must for this trip. This state park has tons of neat history of the railroad in late 1800's. What's great too is that tons of Hollywood flicks were shot here, using the old steam engines. The steam engines still run every summer for visitors to come "All Aboard!!" We rod the vintage diesel today, and are going back on Saturday for the famous steam engine.

Waiting for 12 o'clock train.

Here it is!

Enjoying some old fashioned Sasparilla while we wait.

Robbie wanted to go "ide the hain?!" He didn't understand why we had to wait.

We peeked our head into the Roundhouse where they house the engines.

Over by the Roundhouse there is a Hollywood section where it shows you the original props for famous movies like Back to the Future III.  Here is a neat piece of art for a movie set. 

I love the old signs and type.

Robbie loves saying "Cheese" for the camera. Tait... not so much. 

Of course a Roundhouse has to have a blacksmith shop nearby. All the tools that maintain the train were made in here. Jeddie thought they were "cooOOool!!"

Before we knew it, the car host was yelling "All Aboard!"

We started our train ride at the front, right behind the engine.

Tait found his girlfriend!

And then... the train blew it's whistle, and started to move! The boys were in awe. Can you tell?

The train ride was 20 minutes forward, and then 20 minutes back. 

Because we had to go back, they moved the engine to the back of the train. So our car became the caboose!!

The volunteers that were the conductor and the car hosts cracked me up. They were so positive, upbeat, and knew a lot about Railtown. The conductor, pictured below, said to the car host "I retired from the Railroad over 18 years ago, what am I still doing here!?" Evidently this man loved it enough to stick around. 

It was a really neat ride. On the way back, the boys just stood at the caboose watching the tracks get smaller and smaller. And I propped up my feet.

I told you I wore these sandals every day.

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